Biology Homework: Ultimate List of Terms You Need to Study

Doing homework, especially for science-based subjects, can be a daunting task. Biology homework, for instance, is one subject that can instill fear in some students. However, this shouldn’t be your case. This article will feature everything you need to get the ultimate help with biology homework and finish the task like a pro. Keep reading.

Things to do when mastering biology assignments

Unlike other assignments, biology assignments usually come with hard-to-comprehend terms. Therefore, for an easy and smooth process, do the following as a way of mastering every bit of your homework biology.

Study the root word of complex terms

Most of the terms and phrases used in biology are quite complex for students to master, understand, or even spell. While you cannot evade the terms, you simply need to master their origin, where most of the terms have Latin with a prefix, a suffix, or both. Any moment you encounter such words during your biology assignments, make sure you understand their definitions and their root words. Once you can comprehend the root and meaning of the words, you can easily understand the dimension of the questions and get appropriate biology homework answers to a particular question.

Draw & label diagrams

Part of biology classes involves the use of diagrams. As a student, you can answer biology homework questions by illustrating with diagrams to prove your understanding of the subject. Therefore, mastering most of the diagrams and their sections is a crucial part of learning and handling biology assignments.

Besides helping you answer questions, the diagrams will help you master basic terms, definitions, and other relevant concepts related to the subject.

Study your notes

How will I do my biology homework and succeed? Many students will often wonder. Well, the secrete to cracking your biology tasks is none other than reading through your notes. Be sure to dedicate specific time to a specific topic.

Now during the homework session, you will have good and ample time to review your notes. One question might make you go the extra mile and do more research by reviewing your notes. Above all, always write aside some key points when reviewing your notes to help you answer biology homework questions easily.

If you don’t have notes to review, get a biology textbook, re-read through the given chapter or topic to familiarize yourself with some terms and remember what you studied in class before doing the homework.

Have a particular schedule for studying biology

Biology is a complex science subject that requires maximum concentration when studying. Therefore, make sure you re-evaluate your studying routine and give biology subject the appropriate time when you will concentrate and understand the hard terms when fully active.

Cheat on biology homework

There comes a time when a student isn’t in a good position to accomplish their homework assignment. While others may be busy with other academic tasks, some may simply not be in a position to handle the assignment because of its complexity. For any of these reasons, you can get help with biology homework from professional tutors and related service providers. You simply need to verify the credibility of the sources before you can use their services to get a professional experience.

Never skip laboratory sessions

Biology subject has theory and practical sessions. Both class and lab time is crucial to boosting your understanding. Therefore, always take advantage of the laboratory time to earn the concepts practically, the interpret them theoretically to boost the overall understanding.

How to remember common phrases in biology: common terms in biology

Biology, being a wide subject, has many terms and phrases a student should master. These terms are classified under:

  • Zoology – all things to do with animals
  • Botany – all things to do with plants
  • Microbiology – all things to do with microorganisms

Each of these categories has many terms students should comprehend to do any biology homework. Therefore, using the approach below can help a student understand the terms with ease.

Make a concept map

This is a brainstorming tool that shows the connection between the topic and ideas, especially in biology. The idea is practical to other subjects too.

The idea shows the concept in a hierarchy, starting from the main subject to sub-subjects.

Use of mnemonics

This is a strategy students use to remember crucial information on a given subject. Students can use rhyming words, keywords, or acronyms.


Science subjects are a bit complex and require students to be extra creative to handle homework and assignments appropriately. Make this write-up your reference point when handling your biology homework for great results.