Homework and Depression

Depression is a disorder that affects a person’s mood. It causes a feeling of sadness. Also, the person loses interest in things they would enjoy doing. It also affects how the person thinks and behaves. It can also lead to a change in emotional and physical wellness.

In school-going children, different things can lead to depression. Among them are social media, homework, and the wrong friends. Homework is a tool used by teachers to help students keep up with their studies. But, sometimes homework becomes too much leading to stressed students. Homework increases as kids grow with too much work and not being able to beat homework deadlines, stress students out.

Does Homework Cause Depression?

The PTA recommends that a 1st grader should spend ten or fewer minutes in their homework. A 2nd grader should spend 20 or fewer minutes in their homework. Seniors in high school get up to 2 hours every night. Sierra passed a homework policy. It states that students should carry at most 10 minutes of school assignments daily. And 50 minutes of homework every term.

Researchers have proven that spending a lot of time doing homework affects the developmental needs of students. It also hinders them from cultivating other essential life skills. Learners miss out on things such as hobbies and socializing with family and friends.

Harvard Health researchers surveyed a sample of students. They asked if they experience migraines, feeling exhausted, stomach discomfort, lack of sleep, and weight loss. Most of the learners admitted to using drugs and alcohol to manage stress. The most abused drug is marijuana.

Homework is very beneficial, but attending school for 8 hours and getting more work to carry home is hard. Homework helps learners catch up in class. It also helps students understand the subjects better.

Students nowadays are under too much stress. They have high standards to meet, and life changes fast with difficult relationships between them and their parents and friends. All these things make them anxious and may even lead to depression. Homework is among the difficult tasks a student should do. But, it might be a bit overwhelming leading to under productivity of the student.

Time management is often not taught in school. Most students face the challenge of having too much homework but don’t know how to balance their time. Research by healthline.com showed that 70% of learners are usually stressed out by the school. Out of these, 56% stated that homework stresses them the most. Too much homework may also give a learner a bad impression of the school.

Many depression cases make people feel worthless, leading to low self-esteem issues. Depressed students often display anger outbursts and low concentration in class. The most significant sign is when the children start detaching from friends and family. They always want to be alone. Their grades often go on a downwards spiral. Also, their participation in extra-curricular activities lowers.

In high school and middle school, students spend up to two hours on homework. The two hours make the total time students spend in school work ten hours. It may lead to depression, which beats the actual purpose of education. However, students can get help at 123 Homework, where writing professionals will do everything to keep you away from stress.


Homework is essential in nurturing a student’s developmental and critical thinking skills. It is very unhealthy if not moderated. It may lead to depression and even drug abuse. Moderation of homework is very vital in reducing the number of depression cases in schools.