8 Books About Psychology Homework You Must Read

Psychology is a wide and interesting field any stent can specialize in. The subject covers various aspects surrounding human behavior, from the brain to the nervous system. The subject can be a bit draining, especially when handling psychology homework.

In this piece, we’ve included the best books a student can read when handling psychology writing assignments. Even for those students aspiring to major in their careers around psychology, these books will create a great impact on your understanding of the whole psychological concept. Keep reading for more useful insights.

Why study psychology?

As a student, if you plan to focus on psychology as your chosen career, you are on the right move because you will get the following benefits:

  • Great job opportunities

Studying psychology gives students a wide range of skills to apply in different sectors. Therefore, the industry is large enough to accommodate the ever-in-demand psychology graduates.

  • Gives you room to understand yourself better

In psychology, you will learn more about human behavior and related concepts. This gives you a good opportunity to handle different issues affecting people surrounding you in an easy manner.

  • You learn many skills

Studying psychology will expose you to various life skills that are significant in our daily lives. Such skills include behavioral training skills, communication skills, conceptual reasoning, and problem-solving skills, among many others.

Quick tips to help you handle psychology homework assignments

Are you wondering how to do my psychology homework? Don’t worry, the following pro tips will ease the whole process and help you do your psychology homework:

Get psychology homework help

Many professionals specialize in offering top-notch services for students specializing in psychology. Therefore, you can always reach out to them, verify their credibility and enter into a contract with them and have your psychology assignment done professionally.

Get psychology homework answers from past works

Many studying materials will have useful information you can relate to. In online platforms, libraries, and other learning resource centers, you will find materials that will ease your research process when handling psychology-related assignments.

How to study psychology successfully: 8 books that will help you

There is always power in reading books, and the following psychology-related books will ease your studying routine and help you manage your psychology homework assignments.

The Happiness Hypothesis – Jonathan Haidt

Jonathan Haidt, an award-winning psychologist, wrote this book to highlight things people consider a way of living a fulfilling life. The main discussions revolve around consciousness, morality, religion, beliefs, and behavioral biases. This book is ideal for a person who loves psychology and philosophy altogether.

Pioneers of Psychology

Raymond E. Fancher & Alexandra Rutherford wrote this book to bring to light the evolution of psychology from the beginning to the modern day.

As a student interested in the whole psychology concept, this book will serve you a good deal.

Career Paths in Psychology – Robert Sternberg

You are a student aspiring to fulfill your psychology career dream. Well, the subject is wide, and you need to figure out where you want to specialize and understand the significance of the degree. Therefore, read this book.

The Language Instinct – How the Mind Creates Language

Steven Pinker wrote this book explaining the essence of language to human life. Therefore, if you are a psychology student who enjoys studying psychology language and linguistics, give this book a priority.

The Invisible Gorilla

Written by Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons, this psychology book describes how human beings focus on one thing and overlook other things around them.

Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me)

It is common for human beings to make mistakes but then convince themselves of being right just to avoid being on the wrong side. Well, Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson wrote this cook to expound on the same.

The Private Life of the Brain

If you are in a university majoring in understanding the functioning of the human brain in relation to different concepts, then you should read this book by Susan Greenfield to expound your knowledge base in psychology.

The Lucifer Effect – Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

In life, good people become bad at some point, which is human nature. Therefore, as a psychology student interested in exploring more about human nature, read this detailed book by Philip Zimbardo, a renowned social psychologist.


Psychology, being an interesting subject, will require a student to embrace reading. Are you wondering where to begin? Well, consider the above books for a perfect psychological career ahead of you.